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Know the why before you buy. This video demo walks you through NTI For Revit's specialised functionalities helps you understand advanced tools, and why architects, engineers and AEC professionals love adopting the tool into their daily workflows. 

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Imagine a tool that accelerates workflows, optimizes data quality in your BIM models and saves you time.
NTI FOR REVIT offers a solution based on +100 functions for most challenges in Revit, providing value to all parties involved in BIM projects.

Find and Select

With the Find & Select function, you save time navigating the model. You can quickly correct changes and access elements and thus easily create an overview.

Excel Tools

With the Excel Tools feature, you can easily and quickly manage and maintain high-quality data with non-Revit users for an Excel project, as well as update the model via Excel links.

Colour Composer

With the Colour Composer feature, you get a unique visual overview so you can check your own work for coordination and completion. The function is also a great tool for communication across model properties.

Parameter Copy

The Parameter Copy function ensures that you increase your project quality and secure a good data structure with an automated approach to adapting documentation and thus that you avoid errors in your models.

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